We believe that cooperation and innovation are key to building a better future

We want to provide startups, entrepreneurs, visionaries and enthusiasts a place to create change and do better business together in a creative environment.

We realize that the work/life balance is changing, and we offer smooth office space solutions to fit any and (pretty much) all needs. But that's just the physical space - the really important thing is what we create together by being in the same house.

Join the community, get inspired and change the world - we keep the coffee hot and the ideas sharp.


By joining Gomorron Östersund, you get all our community membership benefits, including:

  • Get online access to all other community members, using our dedicated community channels. You can share ideas, ask questions or simply socialize and meet fantastic people.

  • Get reduced price on access to the conference areas to host your own meetings and gatherings.

  • Learn what's happening in our community! Our community channels will give you first hand on upcoming events, contract and job opportunities, interviews with community members and other relevant people.

  • Get to drop by our coworking space for a fun and productive workday.

  • Get social! Swing by for breakfasts, join us for an afterwork beer or just stop by for a coffee and a quick mind blowing chat.

  • Print stuff.

  • And more to come...

Want your next workday to be inspiring as well as productive? Become a member and pick your account type below.



Work 2 days / month from 8 to 5. Have a seat in the lounge area, enjoy a fresh cup of coffee and engage with fellow creatives. 

The first month you have access 5 days / week to speed up your community networking. 

350 SEK / month

150 SEK per additional day.
Conference room access with 20% discount.

Hot Desk

Work 24 / 7. When you know you will spend most days in the community and get the most of the environment by getting exposed to new ideas every single day. Try the lounge area, or find an available desk and get creative.  

Conference room access included.

1800 SEK / month

Fixed Desk

Work 24 / 7. You'll get your own desk where you can place your multiple monitors, leave your swag or simply keep to yourself.

Conference room access included.

2800 SEK / month

A Gomorron Östersund membership has a 3 months period of notice from the next month following the day of cancellation. All prices are excluding VAT.

Day and week passes


1 workday in the social lounge area. Come by and enjoy the atmosphere, enjoy an excellent cup of coffee and get productive.

250 SEK / day


5 workdays. Need to get that project done and get the creative juices flowing? Get in here, sit down and get it done!

1000 SEK / week

All prices are excluding VAT.

Need to host a meeting or a get together? Gomorron Östersund offers a number of unique meeting spaces to accommodate for a wide range of needs. Great coffee, tea and water is always included in the reservation. You can also escape to our timber office hut to change the atmosphere for a day or two, put up a fire and get your work done.



Kaklet will comfortably accommodate 8-10 people. There are two large tiled walls lending themselves to brainstorming sessions and workshops.

As most of the decoration and furniture are put in place with mobility in mind, this space can easily be transformed in minutes to suit any needs. From a traditional sit down around a table, to a free form workshop on the floor in just a few minutes!

2000 SEK / full day
1100 SEK / half day
300 SEK / hour



Dimman is suitable for up to 3 people. Perfect for a daily standup or a conference call with your customer.

Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere with a well taken care of space suited for in depth discussions and crucial decision making.

800 SEK / full day
500 SEK / half day
150 SEK / hour



The office hut Fugelstakojan is the ideal place to find freedom and solitude, either by yourself or with a select few. With the nature just outside the window, this hideout is suitable for up to 4 people.

We can offer packages including both the regular add-ons but also with a boost of nature inspired gems. How about combining your workshop with a MTB ride or a tour around the magnificent cross country tracks, finishing of with a relaxing sauna? Contact us for prices.

300 SEK (150 SEK for members) / per person / full day



Köket can accommodate up to 45 people. There's a large TV screen so that you can show off your latest deck. As this is the kitchen, availability is a priority during office hours. We will however try our best to accommodate all requests!

5000 SEK / full day
3000 SEK / half day
1200 SEK / hour



Baristan is perfect for your 20 people workshop or for a 60 person lecture. There's a large screen and monitor to support that kickass keynote of yours. The space is available during office hours or for nighttime activities. We will of course try our best to meet your specific needs!

5000 SEK / full day
3000 SEK / half day
1200 SEK / hour


That extra something (add-ons)

Want to make your conference or workshop extra productive and comfortable? We're proud to offer you nothing but the best amenities and extras to do just that. Here's an excerpt of some of the things you can add to to your booking. On top of this, don't hesitate to ask if you're looking for something special not on the list, we will try our best to accommodate your needs!

Great coffee, tea and water is always included. Prices are per person unless stated otherwise. 


Need a wake me up? We can offer a high quality breakfast with freshly baked bread and a quality selection of other goodies to get you started.

Lunch (150 SEK)

A high quality lunch to get you through a long day in the conference room.


Running late? Want to continue working over dinner and a bite to eat, perhaps a class of wine with that? We'd be happy to set you up with either brought-in dinner, or a dinner in one of our favourite restaurants if you want to step outside for a bit. Feeling extra adventurous? We can even set you up with a personal chef.Prices will vary, contact us for more info!

Afternoon fika (120 SEK)

A thoughtful selection of purposefully unhealthy (or healthy if you prefer!) classic Swedish fika to get you that extra boost for the final stretches of the day. 

Fruits and nuts (60 SEK)

Want to pretend you don't desperately want that sugar injection in the afternoon? We get that. Either get a fresh fruit for that morning cup of coffee, or a selection of organic nuts to aid you through some of those natural lows during the day. 

Workshop gear (140 SEK per booking)

Leading a workshop? Don't know what gear to bring? Don't worry, we'll set you up with everything you need. Notepads, pencils and pens, Post-its, index cards, paper clips, scissors, flip chart and whiteboard markers and erasers, tape, deck of cards, dices and more. Let's get creative!

After work 

Finishing up a good period of work that you want to celebrate? Host your after work at Gomorron Östersund! Prices will vary, contact us for more info!

High octane fasting day

Be aware - this is only for the experienced crowd. Recent studies have shown that intermittent fasting has interesting positive effects not only on the body which has been known for a long time, but also on brain function with increased clarity and creativity as a result. If you're interested and want to give it a go - let us know and we'd love to discuss it! 0 SEK :-)

DJ, Live performances, Inspirational events & other inquiries

Whilst this started as a joke during brainstorming, to be able to finish of your workshop day with a live performing band or a DJ - we'd be more than happy to try and accommodate any special requests you may have. We have an extensive network of performers and inspirational creatives at our disposal. Contact us and let's talk about it :-)

Remember to specify which add-ons you want to add to your booking, as well as for how many people. All prices are excluding VAT.


We have 500 square metres in downtown Östersund, at Prästgatan 42 (the backside), that we have turned into a community home base with inspiring and dynamic workspaces, creative meetups and good coffee. Get your hands on your own desk, a hot desk or just join the community and get access to the workspace once or twice a month.


Fugelsta office Hut

In Fugelsta, just 15 km outside of Östersund, we are setting up a small timber hut, Fugestakojan, on a place with some pure striking views. You can go a trail run, put on your cross country skies or head down the mountain bike trails for lunch. Or just stay inside and get your work done with complete focus.


We have some amazing partners and friends creating Gomorron together with us. Without them, no Gomorron. Check them out here!

Länsförsäkringar Jämtland
Almi Företagspartner Mitt
Handelskammaren Mittsverige 
Jahwa Fikaservice
Edlund & Partners
IKEA Sundsvall
Östersunds kommun
and Rut Odén Fastigheter

Do you want to be a part of Gomorron as a partner? Just send us an email to hello@gomorronostersund.se and we will sit down and discuss what we can do together over some nice coffee.


Sharre Blomqvist

My name Sharre Blomqvist and I work with marketing and communications, usually in Gothenburg, Sweden. Since I left Östersund many years ago, the urge to come back has always been strong. I often miss the mountains, wide open spaces, clean air and the tranquility that my old home town offers. 
So what to do when the rest of the family are planning to spend their holidays in Jämtland and you need to work? Well, you can always take your job with you and thus kill two birds with one stone, work and holiday in one - workation! 

The plan was to work during the day and enjoy outdoor activities and other activities with the family the rest of the day. When the idea to bring my job to Östersund rooted I came to the conclusion that I would have to find an office space. Trying to get something done in the same environment as my vacationing family would simply not work. I threw out request on Facebook and a friend recommended to contact Gomorron Östersund.

As a guest I was immediately included in the community of creative, curious colleagues. The work days passed quickly as the (beautiful, newly furnished) office met all my practical needs. But in a way more important, my personal network grew and I had time to enjoy the best Norrland has to offer in terms of outdoor activities with my family. When looking back at the week spent at Gomorron Östersund my expectations were exceeded by far. What I will remember most is the enthusiasm, curiosity, and the fantastic reception that I received. This is a solution I can recommend to anyone who would like to arrange a workation, but also to anyone who would like to see an inspirational, creative side of working and living in the region. Thank you Gomorron Östersund for a great week!

Video shout-out: Facebook video


Interested to join? Want to be part of the community? Got a question or an idea that you want to get an opinion on? Get in touch!


The crew

We can be reached via email using first name + @gomorronostersund.se or by a friendly phone call.


Jenny Sandström

+46 70 434 01 43


Thomas Hallberg

+46 70 523 22 54


Maria Svensson Wiklander

+46 70 380 00 07


Johan Ranbrandt

+46 70 666 27 53


Simon Nordberg

+46 706 15 55 90


Anders Rådberg

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