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Gomorron Sessions - Agile Coaching Dojo

NU GÅR VI ALL IN med ett nytt utbildningskoncept - Gomorron Sessions. Vi kommer fokusera på master classes inom olika områden och först ut är Agile coaching dojo med Molood Noori Alavijeh - agil coach och mycket omtyckt föreläsare med kurser för agila ledare, distribuerat arbetssätt och agila organisationer för bland KING och Spotify i bagaget.

Kursen hålls på engelska och kostar 4000:-/person (inkl lunch, exkl moms). Max 10 platser finns. Har du någon fråga? Kontakta oss på

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Molood Noori Alavijeh is an agile coach at Softhouse. She sees agile coaching as a way to give freedom to people to do what they enjoy while building rich organizations with great cultures and products. Molood is a great supporter of remote work and distributed teams as she believes remote work is the future of work. She advocates for transparency, feedback and self-organization as pillars of developing successful leaders in companies. In her experience, people contribute with their best effort if you assume they are whole, smart and responsible. 

In this coaching dojo, Molood will give you an overview of the agile coaching competency framework, and will help you train your coaching skills both in isolation with other skills and in combination with them. This coaching dojo is a transformational experience where each one of the attendees gets to sit in the coach's seat as well as the coachee's seat to really experience the transformational impact of leading as a coach. 


The coaching dojo workshop is 4 hours for up to 10 people. Coaching is one of the many skills that a leader can use to empower the people in the organization. Certification programs for coaching are usually two years long.


This will be an interactive workshop in which the attendees will learn the basics of the theory and practice each skill in a short exercise. I will guide them to slowly combine these learned skills and build up a coaching skill set. There will be one exercise that needs to be completed individually. And all other exercises are to be completed two by two or three-by-three.


Course material includes the following:
• Wheel of Agile (for self-assessment)
• Agile Coaching Competency Framework
• A comprehensive list of powerful questions
• A cheat-sheet to be used for coaching during the class and afterwards


The schedule will be slightly flexible but content that will be covered is as follows: 
• Designing an alliance
• What is agile coaching? (Agile Coaching Competency Framework)
• Understanding different modes of listening
• Powerful questions
• The wheel of Agile
• The coaching curve
• Quick Feedback training
• Good and bad powerful questions
• Understanding the designed alliance
• (Bonus if time allows) Working with resistance and complaints
• Homework

The real fully from this workshop, the attendees will get an exercise at the end of the workshop which they have to complete in the week following the workshop.


The will answer any questions from the participants via email up until 60 days after the workshop. 
One week after the workshop, I will send a follow-up email with additional information that can help the people deepen their learning. 
Two weeks after the workshop, I will host a conference call to have another follow-up and answer any remaining questions. The participants will get a chance to share their experience and learnings from the homework in a safe space.